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Group Walks

When BirdLife Shoalhaven was formed many of its members already belonged to established birdwatching groups in the Shoalhaven. Two of these groups have allowed BirdLife Shoalhaven members to join them on their birdwatching activities on their programs - at no cost. The two groups are from three different areas of the Shoalhaven - the Nowra and Berry areas in the north, and the Milton and Ulladulla areas in the south. In addition to the birdwatching programs from those two groups, BirdLife Shoalhaven occasionally puts on its own birdwatching activities. Details of the programs for all of the above groups can be found in our Magazines and on our Calendar page.

Shoalhaven Birders
The northern group - the Shoalhaven Birders - usually have one birdwatching outing per month on a Sunday morning. Membership of the Shoalhaven Birders is by invitation only, but members of BirdLife Shoalhaven are welcome to attend their activities.

The southern group - the Milton / Ulladulla District Birders (MUD Birders) - are U3A-based and meet every second Friday morning for birdwatching activities. They also have occasional nightly meetings with guest speakers giving presentations. Members of the public may attend MUDBirder activities, but there is a $5 cost per activity. Milton-Ulladulla U3A members may attend MUDBirder activities at no cost, as can BirdLife Shoalhaven members.

The Milton-Ulladulla U3A website with course details can be found by clicking this link - U3A.

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