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Previous Events

March 2019 - Give a Dam

Click to enlarge and click again to reduce BirdLife Shoalhaven and the National Parks Association co-hosted a special screening of the new conservation film "GIVE A DAM" at Huskisson on Friday March 1st.

The film deals with the many conservation issues that surround the proposal to add to the height of the Warragamba Dam wall, thus flooding a major area of associated valleys. This will adversely affect the catchment, national parks, Aboriginal heritage, World Heritage areas in the Blue Mountains, and potentially harm critically endangered birdlife including the Regent Honeyeater.

The evening was hosted by the BirdLife Shoalhaven Conservation Officer Chris Grounds, and had three special guest speakers - Justin Field (member of the NSW Legislative Council for the Greens), Pat Thompson (Board Member of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness, and the editor of the New Bush Telegraph), and Brigette Nairn (President of the Milton-Uladulla Branch of the National Parks Association).

October 2018 - the 2018 Bird Haven Festival

Jackie Nguyen

Dr Jackie Nguyen, an avian paleontologist at the Australian Museum, gave a presentation about the evolution of Australian birds and what the fossil record tells us about Australia's weird and wonderful bird life.

  Harry Saddler

Harry Saddler was interviewed about his new book, The Eastern Curlew. Eastern Curlews are the largest of all the world's shorebirds. The Eastern Curlew occurs only in our flyway, and about 75 per cent of the world's curlews winter in Australia, so we have a particular responsibility to protect coastal wetlands for them.

Yolande Cozijn from BirdLife Shoalhaven

Yolande Cozijn, Rob Dunn and Chris Grounds from BirdLife Shoalhaven gave talks on appreciating and protecting the birds of the Shoalhaven including the migratory shorebirds that visit the Heads, as well as Birds in Backyards.

  Chasing Birds

We showed the movie "Chasing Birds" which follows three teams - the Hunter Thickheads, the Hunter Home-Brewers and the Whacked Out Woodswallows as they complete in an annual Twitchathon, trying to spot as many bird species as possible in 24 hours.