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The Shoalhaven on the NSW south coast is home to an amazing variety of birds and is a mecca for birdwatchers.
BirdLife Shoalhaven promotes a better understanding of our birds and works tirelessly to ensure their survival.

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If you would like to join BirdLife Shoalhaven you must first join BirdLife Australia - as either a Member or a Wildbird Protector. Both these forms of membership are similar - for an explanation of the differences between them see Wildbird Protector & Membership Benefits.

Once you have joined BirdLife Australia as either a Wildbird Protector or member, membership of BirdLife Shoalhaven is free and automatic if you live within the Shoalhaven area (although you can choose to opt out if you wish).

Information on how to join BirdLife Australia can be found on the following page - Join BirdLife Australia.

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